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AVL Services for Churches

AV Gorilla provides comprehensive visuals, video, and audio for churches. With offices in Burlington, WI, and Raleigh, NC, we're able to travel to almost any church nationwide. Our services include repairs, replacements, and maintenance for all AV system equipment and components. We provide continuous support and responses to our clients' questions and emergencies, ensuring they get the help they need precisely when needed. We properly train church and worship staff on operating and controlling equipment, readying them for any sermon, engagement, or event. Our services will provide you with unmatched assistance and an AV system prepared to clearly deliver your message to your congregants.
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Additional Features

We can add any of the following features to your AV system care plan:
  • Preventative Maintenance: During on-site visits, we'll check equipment and component conditions, clean them, and perform maintenance on your entire system. We'll test your equipment to see if it's functioning correctly.
  • Emergency Response: We're available to respond and serve you during sudden system breakdowns or failures. We'll arrive at your place of worship and quickly fix emergency issues, restoring your AV before your next event.
  • 24/7 Support: Our round-the-clock support ensures your system works correctly day and night. We have a support staff to answer calls during business hours, after hours, and on weekends.

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