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Professional AVL Services

AV Gorilla specializes in providing integrative video, lighting, and audio for churches, bringing the message and mission of our clients to life. Our team comprises skilled, seasoned musicians and technicians. Our in-house professionals provide services to small- and large-scale churches with top equipment. We can customize our solutions to fit your worship spaces and upgrade them when necessary. We train church teams on technology and operation. We aim to give you and your congregants an outstanding worship experience every Sunday.
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We tune your audio to ensure it projects to your audience at the level you want. We work with virtually all sound systems. We'll quickly set up your soundboards, speakers, microphones, and other sound components. Our world-class services ensure your audience clearly hears your band, choir, sermons, and message.


We specialize in providing high-definition visuals for churches of all sizes and scopes. We can recalibrate your projection and displays, eliminating all grainy or unclear visuals from your presentations. Film clips, church event recordings, and sermons are displayed for all your congregants to see and experience.


We install, tune up, and repair lighting, restoring your church's ambiance and mood. Our team trains in-house church teams on correctly projecting and spotlighting pastors, choirs, church bands, and more. With our lighting services, you'll set the perfect mood for your speakers and congregation, making your church event one to remember.

Comprehensive AV and Lighting Integration

We'll provide your church with a centralized, integrated solution to meet your audiovisual needs. We install interfaces and systems operated with the click of a button, enabling you to maximize your presentation with little effort. Here's why leading churches choose us for their integrated solutions:
  • Cutting-Edge: We install the latest AV and lighting technology from leading brands.
  • Easy Use: Your teams can control and operate your technology seamlessly.
  • Stunning Presentations: Our audiovisual designs look beautiful in any worship environment.

Remarkable Designs for Services and Events

Our team provides high-def sound and visuals for all kinds of church events. From Sunday sermons, concerts, and special engagements, we'll ensure your integrative system is prepared. Our comprehensive customizations allow your teams to establish the ambiance within your space, giving your message and presentations more power. We can provide complete project management or assist your in-house team with logistics, ensuring your events run smoothly. You can rely on us for crystal-clear audiovisuals and lighting.
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